Monday, 26 April 2010

Finished beads using the cane from the tutorial

Hello everyone, hope the sun is still shining where you are, it's beautiful here!. Here are the finished beads crafted from the polymer clay cane featured in the tutorial made into a funky bracelet, hope you like:-

Saturday, 24 April 2010

How to make a Polymer Clay Flower Cane

Basic Tutorial - How to make this Polymer Clay Flower Cane in 5 step by step stages:-

Stage 1 - Condition your clay

  • Condition your clay, rolling into balls as follows:-

  • Navy blue 1 x Walnut size + 1 x Hazel Nut size

  • Ocre 1 x Walnut size + 1 x Hazel Nut size

  • Pearl Blue 1 x Walnut size

  • Champagne 1 x Walnut size

Put the transparent clay to one side as you won't need this until stage 4.

Stage 2 - Make your flower centre

  • To make the centre of your flower, take both the Hazel Nut size pieces of Navy Blue and Ocre and make a small basic log.

  • Lengthen your basic log by gently rolling and stretching evenly to a length of 5 inches and cut into 5 x equal pieces

  • Put one piece to one side for the very centre.

  • Then working on the remaining 4 pieces work to lengthen each by rolling and gently stretching to double their length.

  • Cut each of these in half and then apply lengthwise all around the reserved centre piece.

  • Roll very gently to 'stick' the logs together and 'round off' your new log, take care not to lengthen, your centre should still be 1 inch long.

Put to one side this will form the centre of your flower

Stage 3 - Make your Petals

  • Start by taking 2 of your remaining clay balls and slice off a section at the top (any 2 colours can be used, I have used the Ochre and Navy Blue)

  • Take the small sections and cut one into 5 pieces and the other into 4 pieces.

  • Next sandwich the pieces together alternating the colours.

  • Then squash and hand shape this into a tear drop, trying not to mix the colours together. Make this tear drop shape approx an inch long.

  • Next take all the remaining balls and roll or hand shape to flatten to an oblong approx 1inch wide and long enough to 'wrap' around your tear drop. Try to get the centre slightly thicker than the outside edges. You should end up with a very fat teardop shape approx 1 inch long.

  • Now very very gently start to work on lengthening this piece to make a tear drop shape log approx 8 inches long. The best way to lengthen is to work out from the middle gently squeezing, but try and keep the tear drop shape even along the entire length otherwise you could distort your petals.

  • Once your log is long enough cut into 7 x 1 inch pieces, discarding the very ends

Stage 4 - Assembling your flower

  • Take your centre piece and stand end up

  • Now take your 7 petals and attach evenly around the centre, you are aiming to have gaps in between the petals.

  • This is the basic flower,now you just need to fill in the gaps between your petals.
    To do this all you need is to choose your flower background colour (I have used transparent in mine, but any colour can be used).

  • Condition your chosen clay and make a log the same basic shape and length as the petal log we made earlier, cut into 7 pieces and gently fit these between each petal to 'fill in the gaps'.

  • To make using the cane easier I have added a very thin layer of transparent clay around the outside to 'bind' eveything neatly

Stage 5 - How to lengthen your Flower Cane

  • To lengthen this or any polymer flower cane, you need to work from the middle out.

  • Taking your new cane start by gently squeezing the middle working your way out towards the end, this will help to ensure that your flower retains it's shape throughout the length of your cane.

  • Finish off with a gentle roll to round off and it's ready to use, cut thin slices and apply to a base bead, roll gently to fuse to the surface of your bead and bake as per your polymer clay manufacturers instructions.