Monday, 31 May 2010

MayHemmers - Last Day we did it!

Last Day in May, and it's the end of the Challenge to list an item every day in May. The Mad Mayhemmers have surpassed themselves and kept the best til last...... here are today's listings

Natalie’s – Fabulous Fishies
Squintessentials - Shimmery Waters
Talking Beads - Racy Reds

Buttons and Beads – Lushious Limes

Mushy Makes - Gorgeous Gingham

Steampunkstorms – Delightful Dragonfly

Melaniezine – Boobylishious Bandau

Whimsicalwren – Delicious Dragonfly

Swirls & Squiggles – High Flyer ~ Free Spirit Birdie

Christals – Shiny Sparkly Crystals

London Fogg – Elegant Black & Silver

Lemonade & Lamingtons – Eastern Promise Coasters

MushyMakes – Perfect Pink Hair Slide

Vintage Dreams – Love Heart

Deborah Jones – Opulent Onyx

and me MaxineVeronica – it's Just Jade

So as the dolphins said in the Hitchikers Guide to Galaxy "so long and thanks for all the fish!". It's been a blast, time to party now and say farewell Mad Mayhemmers and Hello June Loons!!!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Folksy Friday - Special Natalie Ofkants

This, if you haven't already guessed is a very special Folksy Friday dedicated especially to Natalie, for keeping all the mayhemmers going, and challenging yourself to not only list a new item, but to blog every day too! you are a real trooper, thank you for featuring so many items in your blog and thank you for your kind words and valued support and just to say on behalf of the Mayhemmers.

____Click on any of the photo's to visit folksy shops listed here_____

Some Messages from fellow Mayhemmers
I've been a member on Folksy for coming up to a month now and during this time I've needed a little starter help along the way, everyone has been so helpful, supportive and Natalie has gone out of her way to answer my queries and explain how thing's work here -she has really helped me settle in ♥

Natalie has also featured several items of mine in her MM Blog which I really am sooo grateful for especially being a new seller ♥

So Thanks Natalie for being so lovely, Hugs- Melanie ♥

Deborah Jones Jewellery
Thank you Natalie for all your friendly advice and encouragement,the daily listing club has been a great way of getting my new shop stocked and it has been a very welcoming introduction to Folksy.
I also have a super fossil to remind me of the Mad Mayhem. Thanks again, Deborah

"Hi Natalie, it's great how you have kept up with the mad mayhemmers blogs.
Thank you very much for including me in so many of them! It was really kind of you. :)
Karen x "

I would just like to say thanks to Natalie for being so supportive to everyone and really encouraging everyone to do well, as well as making some really lovely things I'm afraid I won't be able to finish this challenge as I hadn't really factored in the bank holiday and half term week, but I should be able to do friday probably as my last day. I will miss all the cream cake celebrations!! regards Millie

I have got to know Natalie through the listing an item a day through April and May and she has very kindly included me in her Blog on several occasions. She will help others promote their work and is always tying to spread the word of Folksy.

Natalie has helped many other crafters when they have put on topics in the forum of a personal nature.I don't always join in on some of the topics but I still read her advice and she has a lovely way of helping and giving advice.

She is a credit to Folksy and if she ever has a Tea Party for real.... I hope I get an invitation.

Hugs Ingrid xx

A welcoming person, always taking the time to reassure and support the sellers on Folksy

Talking Beads
"Natalie you are such a good Folksy Friend. You have kept us going all through May by doing your blog and your daily praise and recognition of our efforts.
I did not think I would keep it up for this long but I really feel as if I am part of your 'gang' and I can not let you down.
By doing this it has made me promote all of my shops more.
Thank You Very Much"


Natalie, You were thoroughly inspiring all month long, and had something nice to say to each and everyone of us. Thank you. May the sales fairy visit you regularly. Love Jennie

Thanks to Nat for all her outstanding efforts to promote and encourage everyone. And for her fab blogging efforts. . .

So from me and all your fellow Mayhemmers and friendly folksters Thank You Natalie! you are trully one in a million
Max x
Now, grab a cuppa and sit back and watch the sales roll in!!!

Friday, 21 May 2010

Folksy Friday 4 - 'Deco'rate your life

If you could have been born into a different era when would you choose?

Mine would be the flirty thirties I adore the Art Deco Style, sparkly dresses, beads, feathers, circles, curves and dancing. Here's some of my favourite folksy Art Deco Inspired finds:-

Steampunk Storms Fabulous Art Deco Inspired Earrings

Amy Orangjuice - Art Deco Circle in a beautiful Glass Panel

LouLouLuxuries – Flapper “Princess of the Nile” lovely Necklace

Mochalulu – Original Art Canvas with wonderful Art Deco inspired flowers

Friday, 14 May 2010

Folksy Friday 3 - I feel Old

Today my youngest is 18, now I feel really old, so todays Folksy Finds are all 'old'or like me and a good bottle of old wine Vintage!.

Vintage Dreams Vintage Hankies perfect for a blub to make you feel better

SteamPunk Storms Vintage Watch movement in a stunning butterfly to make you smile

Natalies carefully prepared fossil - ha something that's older than me!

Not Just Handbags Cool Tartan Clutch Bag with Vintage Corsage perfect for a bit of retail therapy

Whimsical Wrens' rather beautiful Vintage Rose Locket

Now for some serious crafting ready for next weeks May Hemmers Challenge I have run out of things to list!!