Thursday, 24 June 2010

Folksy Friday 9 - On Safari

Okay ladies and gents, please keep your hands,head and legs inside the bus we are about to enter the jungle!

NOfkants Curios – First we have the Majestic Elephants!

Northfieldsprimitives – Next is the Elegant Giraffe!

Lonely hearts – Above us are the cheeky Monkeys

Mary Elliott – Just ahead in the watering hole are the Flamingos!

Crafty Mushroom – Shh can you hear that ROOOOARRRR yep it’s the king of the jungle!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Folksy Friday 8 - Just because they make me smile

What makes you smile, for no particular reason you suddenly find yourself grinning like a loon and attracting strange looks! Mine are new babies, rainbows, daisies, bunting and my guinea pig!. Here are my favourite folksy finds this week that make me smile, hope they make you smile too!

HoloiseV – Daisy Daisy give me your answer do! I love daisy’s growing in the grass lovely but hubby keeps chopping them down when he cuts the grass!

LEJ Jewellery – Sunshine after the rain - is there anything more cheerful than a rainbow

Heart in a Box – A new baby aah! and what better way to welcome a new baby than a lovely keepsake

Mushy Makes – Bunting always reminds me of street parties we used to have as kids – I was always last in the dressing up contest though!

Mary Elliott’s – Lillian Ring - Our guinea pig is called Ophelia or Fifi to her friends, I just love the way she happy dances when I’m picking her dandylions

What are yours?

Friday, 11 June 2010

Folksy Friday 7 - Blooming Marvelous

Everything in my garden is starting to blossom, so today's FF is all about flowers and these are some of my favourites from the June Loon's this week:-

JAusten’s – Crysanthemum Necklace, lovely with a little floaty dress.

The Little Bead Box – Raspberry Flower Beads, would make a beautiful bracelet

HelouiseV – Crochet Applique – Wear these pretties in your Hair

Blue Buttons’ – Vintage Style Brooch, would look pretty pinned to your bag too!

Maxine Veronica (Me) – Rose Bracelet perfect to set off your Little Black Dress
So go on get a little colour into your life and wear some flowers

Friday, 4 June 2010

Folksy Friday 6 - Pretty in Pink

I love pink it's all girly and pretty but sadly never wear it coz it just don't suit me. So today I have picked out my faviourite Pink items from the June Loonies to indulge my passion for pink.

JCU’s – Pretty Blossom Bracelet

Triple Moon Stars – Pretty in Pink

Dotties – Practical and Pretty Pink Birthday Guest Book

Blue Forest Jewellery – Perfect Pink Flower Charm

Pretty Things – Beautiful Pink Made with Love Gift Tags
Makes you feel all warm and glowy!