Thursday, 17 June 2010

Folksy Friday 8 - Just because they make me smile

What makes you smile, for no particular reason you suddenly find yourself grinning like a loon and attracting strange looks! Mine are new babies, rainbows, daisies, bunting and my guinea pig!. Here are my favourite folksy finds this week that make me smile, hope they make you smile too!

HoloiseV – Daisy Daisy give me your answer do! I love daisy’s growing in the grass lovely but hubby keeps chopping them down when he cuts the grass!

LEJ Jewellery – Sunshine after the rain - is there anything more cheerful than a rainbow

Heart in a Box – A new baby aah! and what better way to welcome a new baby than a lovely keepsake

Mushy Makes – Bunting always reminds me of street parties we used to have as kids – I was always last in the dressing up contest though!

Mary Elliott’s – Lillian Ring - Our guinea pig is called Ophelia or Fifi to her friends, I just love the way she happy dances when I’m picking her dandylions

What are yours?


  1. wow Thank you Max for including my bunting!..I didn't do well in fancy dress either but I do make sure my boys do! ;) x

  2. great choices! I love that heart in a box, was looking at it the other day x

  3. Lovely smile inducing finds. What an unusal ring and cute earrings.
    Babies who have just started toddling make me smile- mini drunks!! ;o)

  4. Some lovely items.


    Fiona @ Christals Creations

  5. Wow love the bunting! Mia x