Friday, 27 August 2010

Make a Stunning Bracelet

Hello, I love this bracelet so much and have had so many requests asking how it was made, that I decided to show you, so if you love it and want one go on have a go!

Materials required

For the flowers:-
1/2 a 56g block of Polymer Clay I have used Sculpey Primo in Black
Metallic Powder, I have used Gold
Varnish, I have used sculpey gloss

For the complete Project you will also need these materials:-
24 Headpins, gold
7.5 Inches Gold Plated Chain
2 x 3mm Gold Plated Jump Rings
1x Gold Plated Toggle Closure
14-18 Medium to Large (10-14mm)Pearls Cream and Gold
10 x 4mm beads I have used a mixure of pearls and Gold Plated metal beads

1) Get Ready! Collect your tools:-

A Roller for your clay
A mini flower cookie cutter
2 x paint brushes (one very small for the gold powder and one larger for the varnish)
A pin to make the holes in your beads
Round Nose Pliers
Flat Nose Pliers
Side Cutters

2) Make your Flower Beads

Start by conditioning your clay, either kneading by hand or using a pasta machine.

Roll out your clay to a thickness of approx 4mm, if you use playing cards as spacers you need approx 8 cards either side of your clay.

Take your mini cookie cutter and cut out 10 little flower blanks

Next take a blank into the palm of your hand*, using your thumb nail make indentations all the way around going from the centre out to the middle of a petal

Now take your tiny brush and dust a very small amount of gold powder into the centre of your bead dusting outwards towards the petal edges

Finally take your pin and make a hold in the centre of your bead.

*It is important that you do all of the above in the palm of your hand as this gives your bead the subtle curved shape required

Now bake according to the Polymer Clay Manufacturers Instructions

Once baked and cooled varnish and leave to dry.

and viola you have your flower beads!.

If you would like to make the complete project go to Parts 3-6

3) Making the Bracelet - Part 1

Taking the 14-18 medium and large pearls, thread onto headpins and make wrapped loops as shown in the picture.

To make a wrapped loop, thread the headpin through your bead and bend the end approx 3mm above the bead.

Next bend the wire around your round nose pliers to form a loop, and finally wrap the wire around the headpin to fill in the 3mm space in between the loop and the bead, trim any excess wire.

4) Making the Bracelet – Part 2

Take your finished flower beads from stage one, thread a 4mm bead onto a headpin then a flower bead and make a wrapped loop at the back (same process for wrapped loops as explained in Part 1).

5) Making the Bracelet – Part 3

Take your Gold Plated Chain and add the toggle clasp at either end using the jump rings. You can if you prefer buy a ready made charm bracelet, but you need to make sure that the link's in the chain can be opened and closed without damage.

Now plan your layout:-

Lay your chain out lengthways and place your beads either side of your chain moving them around until you are happy with your layout.

6) Making the Bracelet – Part 4

Using 2 pairs of pliers and starting 3 links from the end of your chain, open up a link* and add either a pearl or a flower.

Keep working in this fashion along the length of the chain attaching your beads and flowers either side of the chain checking regularly to ensure they 'sit' well together

Then sit back and wait for the compliments!

*To open a link use 2 pairs of pliers and move one towards you and one away from you, close using the same method. You should never open links by pulling apart as this will fatigue the metal and the link could break.


  1. I love those flower beads ! Maybe a change of craft is coming on !

  2. ooh, this looks lovely. Had my first delivey of polymer clay today ... tempting!