Wednesday, 22 September 2010

September Stars - Lets hear it for the boys!

Lots of gorgeous listings today, but this one is for the boys (and girls we don't like to be left out!).

Update on Tomatoes - in a bag with another tomatoe 2 ripe out of 7, same for the apple but the in the lead the shoe box 5 ripe so far!!

Blue Daisy Glass – Recycled Beer Bottle

CheeryMishMash – Skull and X’bones T-Shirt

DiggiWoodTurning – Rainbow Bottle Stopper

Steampunkstorm – Steampunk Mechanical Cufflinks

MadebyVal – I Spy Puzzle Toy

Fizzy Popov – his Masters Voice Clock

JuJuCards – Footie Mad Card
Just click on a photo to take you to the lovely folkster shop


  1. Lovely choices Max!!!

    Adore Roy's stopper. I getting to the similar one he listed earlier today, as part of a Christmas swap, very excited!

    Natalie x

  2. Thanks for showing my bottle board. Great choices. I'm also loving that bottle stopper.
    I've just been reading your other posts too and have also spent the last week harvesting and blanching! Aren't bananas supposed to help ripen things? Apryl

  3. Ooo love the bottle stopper too! Thanks for featuring my I Spy bag :)

  4. Cool selection :) Thanks for featuring my t-shirt :) We had a miserable tomato harvest this year. A friend recommends wrapping tomatos in newspaper and putting them in a drawer to ripen them - not tried it as we didn't have enough!! but she swears it works x

  5. Just used my very first ripe tomatoe (one from the box in the airing cupboard and yum!!!! so much nicer than shop ones