Wednesday, 15 September 2010

September Stars Mini update

Well the September stars are doing fabulously well over 500 sales to date.

I am feeling very pleased with myself as well have I have sold an amazing 70 items this month between craft fair and work and been asked for 8 commissions, only 2 left to make phew!

I have also just spent the past few hours harvesting all my veg, blanching and freezing, have a glut on green tomatoes though, so trying 3 different ways to ripen them 1 is a shoe box in the airing cupboard 2 is in a paper bag with an apple and 3 is in a plastic bag with a ripe tomatoe, I'll update on ripening progress soon!.

Anyway aside from all my random news, I have a bit of a thing going on with Tigers Eye at the moment so todays mini update is on Tigers Eye Necklaces from fellow September Stars:-

NR Jewellery – Tigers Eye Pendant

NOfkantscurios – Tigers Eye Heart

JAustenJewellery – Tigers Eye cabochon

AIJAN Jewellery (me!) Tigers Eye and Aqua Terra Jasper

Amazing 4 different people using the same stone in for very different styles. Click on any of the pics to take you to the shop


  1. I love the way the light catched tigers eye! Lovely choices Max and congrats on your many many sales

  2. Lovely items - you're right, the same stone but used so differently! Congrats on all those sales!!


  3. Tiger's eye is one of my all time favourite gemstones, and thank you for including one of my pieces in your feature collection.

    Congratulations on you fabulous month, you deserve all your success!!!!

    Natalie x

  4. Thank you so much for featuring me! I adore Tigers Eye and I love working with it, as each gem is unique. Well done on your magnificent sales - I am so pleased for you - Yippie! You must be best friends with the Sales Fairy by now!

    Jacqueline x

  5. They are fab. The sales tallies are fab and I am annoyed for falling behind with blogging and listing and general promotion when month started so well. But I have been in slow labour so have little excuse. Just wish it would hurry up and not be so uncomfortable. LOL.

    Fiona @ Christals Creations