Sunday, 31 October 2010

October Folkfest Final Day

Well the Festers challenge has been brilliant again this month, more than 1300 sales wow!.
Today is also Halloween, all that ghosts, ghoulies and things that go bump in the night whooooooooo. Not for me though I hate scary and creepy crawlies so I have just gone with an orange theme for todays blog, take a peep and see what you think.
Click on the pic to take you to the talented Festers Shop

Audrey’s Cat –Orange Brooch

Mirribeads – Pumpkin Earrings

The Sequinned Sheep – Orange Gadget Case

Uniquely Yours – Orange Scarf

Infiniti Jewellery - Orange Bangle

Me! Orange Charm bracelet

thanks for popping by and sleep tight don't let the vampires bite!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Folksy Friday - Snowmen

I adore snow so white and sparkly, spent a day myself making miniature snowmen charms for bracelets which inspired this weeks Folksy Friday take a peep at other folksters snowmen, click on the picture to take you to the talented folksters shop....

Dotties – Baby Snowman Album

Diomo Glass – Christmas Snowmen

Accidentalvix – Snowman Card

Treacher Creatures – Sock Snowman

Gelert – Christmas Fairy Door – I seriously want one!

Clares’ Creations – Snowman Tree Decoration

Join in the blog hop.....

57 days to Christmas

Christmas is coming, and there are loads of lovelies being listed by the folkfesters, click on the picture to take you to the talented folksters shop....

Silvery Cards - Lilly’s Night Garden

Holly Brooch – Josie Marie

Christmas Trees – Millie Bead

Lavender Christmas Stocking – Pants and Paper

Christmas Charm bracelet, me! this is what I did with my day off, played all day with clay tehe.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

October Folkfesters

Ah well that's the holiday over back to the grindstone! while I've been away the Folksters have started a new challenge the October Folkfesters, sales are brilliant and I have joined in aiming to list an item a day throughout October. Here are some of my fav's winter warmers from last week coz I'm B**** Freezin!- click on the picture to take to the Folksters Shop.

Natalie Ofkants – cwtchy snood

The Crafty Bride – Elegant Shawl

Eklectikfish - Fab Legwarmers

Lemonadeandlamingtons – Xmas mug cozy

UniquelyYours – Gorgeous Scarf

Enjoy browsing!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Cross one off the bucket list!

My bucket list always included a visit to Egypt to see the pyramids and the museum in Cairo, well I finally did it! and it was fantastic here's a peek at what I did and saw...

Day 1 arrive at the hotel - wow!!!

Day 2 main trip to Cairo 7 hours on a coach through the Sinai Dessert... and then into Cairo -

Totally bonkers!! no traffic rules horns hooting constantly total chaos but fun!

First stop the Citadel Mohammed Ali's Mosque...

First view of Cairo from the Citadel e were told 18 million people live in Cairo!

After this on to the Museum in Cairo... sadly you are not allowed to take pictures but the sight of King Tut's tiny mask made me cry! and the jewellery was increduble.

Off for lunch on a nile restaurant at TGI Fridays!!! then to our hotel and tonight it's the light a laser show at the Pyramids after dark.

Day 2 first stop Memhis.... meet Rameses and the Memhis Sphynx

Next it's back on the road and a quick visit to the Stepped Pyramid at Sakkhara enrout to the Pyramids.. (I'm the middle one!)

Finally we are at the Pyramids .... I am totally gobsmacked they are incredible......

After the pyramids we paid visit to the Sphynx at the bottom of the hill

Next to the papyrus museum and then on to lunch at a traditional bedouin restarant, meatballs and BBQ Chicken.
7 hours back to Sharmel Sheikh on the bus, swollen ankles bruises on my bum from the pot holes in the road but what a wonderful experience.

After our mega sight seeing trip it was a few days R&R then on to the coral reef to snorkel and get some use out of my very expensive swimming costumes - here's a few of my favourite underwater snaps, it was like being in an aquarium truly beautiful...

Well that's a whistle stop tour of my Egyptian experience I hope you enjoyed my pic's