Friday, 8 April 2011

Folksy Friday - Brooches the Subject

For today’s Folksy Friday I have chosen brooches. I love brooches and have quite a few, but I always forget to wear them, the only things I seem to remember to pin on are my poppy, daffodil and Christmas tree. Note to self must try to remember to wear them more. There has been some stunning brooches listed this week by the April Show-ers, here are just a few of my favourites. Click on the picture to take you to the talented Folksters shop....

Steampunk Storm N.Ofkants Curios Lynwood Crafts Felted Fluffies Pants and Paper


  1. Thank you so much for including my first ever attempt at a brooch in you lovely blog today, especially alongside the wonderful Sue and Sam who are supreme fabric and yarn brooch crafters.

    Natalie x

  2. Great collection - that sunshine made me smile all yesterday - its wonderful! Thank you for including my blossom!


  3. Beautiful collection. You'd never guess that was Natalie's first go at a brooch. Its lovely. Fab sunshine too

  4. lovely brooches. I particularly like the Steampunk Storm one.

    Thanks for joining the Blog Hop x

  5. Oh nice brooch mix Maxine. Felted Fluffies is a ray of sunshine! (-;