Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Nostalgia such a lovely word, it’s great when your see or hear something that invokes a nostalgic memory, often accompanied by the words “oh that takes me right back!” so today I have chosen items that hopefully will take you right back to a fond memory like they do for me. Click on the picture to take you to the talented Folksters shop....

PollyKrafts – Ooh tea from a tea pot, with proper tea leaves and a strainer.

Mary Elliott Jewellery – Fabulous Bright Jewellery, cheesecloth and satin stretch trousers could only be the early 80’s

Whimsicle Wren Jewellery – Ah Bagpuss, is there anyone who doesn’t remember bagpuss? and the mice in the mouse organ...

Pyro Angels Sweet Trinkets – Liquorice allsorts, mmm black jacks, fruit salad, spangles and sherbet fountains

Pants and Paper – the smell of lavender, my gran’s house being a kid and trying on all the ‘old’ clothes and shoes in her wardrobe

Maxine Veronica Art, sitting in the grass making daisy chains!