Friday, 14 September 2012

Art of the moment - Folksy Friday

This weekend I have set myself a challenge to try at least one different painting technique. As many of you know I am a bit of a crafty butterfly flitting from one craft to another and even then I just have to sample every technique! So it will come as no surprise then that this weekend I am going to try my hand at ‘one stroke’ I have new brushes and some acrylic paint, I have watched all the u-tube video’s and I can’t wait to get stuck in. Being part of Folksy is a fabulous thing, I have met and made many friendships there and we often share tip, tricks and value the feedback we get from our friends on the forums. Over the past few months it seems everyone else has also been having a go at trying their hand at something different, so in this weeks blog I am going to show a selection of work from my fellow friends & artists on folksy.

First up is Margaret who has been practising with ink based pencils then adding layers of watercolour to great effect, I love the softness of this poppy and the technique would be well worth a go for other types of flowers as it has an almost ‘dreamy’ quality that I think would work really well on pale colours. 
One of my favourite background techniques is to use cling film to create some texture, in stephie’s stunning lighthouse, you can see the use of cling film around the edges with darker pigments gives wonderful depth to the painting and frames the lighthouse perfectly. 
Brenda now if you thought I was a crafty butterfly well then Brenda is probably the red admiral to my painted lady. Brenda as usual is leading the way, this time with the one stroke technique, her work and gorgeous flowers are what have inspired me to have a go at this simple technique. In this gorgeous little painting the colours blend really well and I still can’t believe that each petal is painted in just one stoke, by loading the brush with 2 or more colours and blending as you paint. A really fabulous effect and I can’t wait to have a go now

After years of painting more traditionally and representational work Imogen has let her creativity run wild and unleashed her imagination to great effect, with bold strokes and random shapes. In this painting we can see some wonderful shapes and textures created, Imogen says “I suddenly feel the urge to break out and explore my imagination, which is filled with a bank of shapes and colours bursting to be free”, well I say well done you for getting outside your comfort zone and trying something completely new I for one love this new style, it’s bold, quirky, colourful and unique!
Gina has been doing a lot of wet in wet watercolours over the past few weeks and this one is by far my absolute favourite. Despite the unpredictable nature of painting in this technique, Gina has managed to control the paint just enough to give definition where it’s needed and reveal this cheeky little chappie. Again in this painting we see the use of cling film in the branch which adds that little extra dimension. This would make a fab Christmas card!
Often when using pale watercolours it is difficult to get definition to your subject. In this lovely little painting we can see that Pam has added a feathery outline in ink, this is also one of my preferred techniques when using pale colours. Using a really fine tip ink pen little feathery lines in the right places give good definition without making it look like a picture you have ‘coloured in’ and without taking away the depth as can happen with thicker marks, I think Pam has got it spot on here!
Well that’s if for now hopefully next time I’ll have some new work of my own to show as well, hope you enjoyed my artful eye candy and learnt a bit about different techniques TTFN


  1. Ooohh! Lovely paintings all of you!
    You are all so talented - painting is not something I am good at, although my daughter is.

    I would never have thought you could use clingfilm - so I have learnt something today.

    A great blog Max.

    Shirley x

  2. Great blog Max, fab summary of what we've been upto over on the folksy art thread! Thanks for including my lighthouse.

    Everyone is very welcome to join us for art and chat on the folksyart thread, just visit and look for the daily Art and aceo thread.


  3. Great blog Max. It's so lovely to see all these examples of our experimentations in one place. The Folksy art thread is such a wonderful place to share what we've been trying out, getting feedback and encouragement to keep trying new skills.

    Many thanks for including my poppy!:)