Friday, 5 October 2012

Folksy Friday, Feathered Friends

This week has seen the return of the birds to the bird feeder en-masse, so autumn has finally arrived!

We have stocked up on fatty seed balls which they do seem to enjoy and it’s lovely to see all the different kinds of birds in our garden.

We popped into the museum this week primarily to admire the new Turner on display, Beacon Light (which was fantastic by the way!) but it also gave us the opportunity to wander around the natural history part and we came across a glass case with lots of garden birds and how to identify them all, so it’s more fun bird spotting in our garden as we now know their names!.

This week’s picks are all things that have caught my eye from the daily listers themed around our feathered friends

Paper Chains & Beads Feathery Card

Whimsey Woo Binder cover

Girl of the sixties, coin purse

Thirteen Rabbits Robin Card

Audreys Cat – Retro Robin

Dottery Potter – folk art necklace

Thanks for stopping by have a great week ahead everyone TTFN

1 comment:

  1. Such sweet birdy gifts Max.

    Thank you for featuring my Patchwork Bird Ringbinder cover.

    Shirley x