Monday, 25 February 2013

Busy little bee!

Well it's been a busy week between the day job and other exciting things going on. 

First there is an Ink Art Workshop with I am running next weeked, all ready to go now and getting excited.

And secondly there is a new venture, a group of friends, artists and crafters have decided to work together to build our own community site, it's still in the very early stages but so far so good. If you have time we would appreciate your stopping by and giving your feedback and a follow would be much appreciated.

We will, over the coming months be doing more on-line tutorials in a range of arts and crafts, giving out hints and tips and hopefully having a forum for everyone to join in.

Here's what we have done so far..

Have a good day everyone :)


Saturday, 16 February 2013

Alcohol Ink Pendant Tutorial

Alcohol Ink Pendant

1) Gather your materials

You will need:-
A pendant blank (I got mine from Hobby Craft)
Scrap of Yupo* Paper and a scrap of acetate (both just need to be big enough to fit inside your pendant blank.
Alcohol Ink colour of choice.  I have used Cloudy Blue and Orange for this project
Guilding Flakes (tiny amount - optional)
Glitter (just a sprinkle - optional)
Clear Glue (any suitable for use on metal)
Resin.  The one I used is called Crystal Resin a 2 part mix, but you can also buy ready mixed, stocked by most craft stores. 

2) Lets get started

On your scrap of Yupo draw around your blank as a template and trim to fit inside the pendant.  Use this then, to cut the same shape from your scrap of acetate.

3) Glue the shaped yupo into the pendant blank and leave aside to dry, this will form the base of your pendant.

4) Now the fun begins - take your shaped piece of  acetate and first sprinkle on a bit of glitter (if using)

5) now place a few tiny bits of guilding flakes on the acetate - no need to glue but take care not to breath on them!

6) take your selected inks and drop on tiny amounts

Once you are happy with the colours and mix, leave to dry. - Don't worry it will not look much at this stage and what you are looking at will become the back of the finished piece.

7) Take your dry piece and flip it over, set into the pendant blank with a very tiny amount of glue and leave to dry

This is the stage where you will get a better idea of what the finished piece will look like, you can see the now that the white of the yupo both lifts the work and gives a luminosity or 3D effect.

8) Once your piece is completely dry, prepare your resin (according to the manufacturer's instructions)

Depending on the type of resin you use you can either drip, pour or like me use a cocktail stick to place drop by drop into the pendant well. Keep going until the blank is completely filled taking care not to get any air bubbles.

9) Leave aside to cure, follow the resin manufacturers instructions.  The one I use takes up to 24 hours in a warm room 

10) Once cured it's ready to string, thread on a chain, ribbon or ready made cord.   Wear with pride and enjoy the compliments!

*Yupo Paper is a man made synthetic paper but you could use any suitable white paper or thin card