Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Best Brownies Ever!

Well today is my hubby's birthday and we have the kids and their partners over for dinner tonight, lamb kleftiko is the main menu with greek dips to start, but what to make for dessert.  Having only just joined weight watchers I didn't want to scupper my diet already so scoured the net for something yummy, but decadent without overdoing on the cals.

I happened across a fab recipe for low fat brownies (only 190 cals each).  Well I followed the recipe to the letter and this is what they turned out like - choccie heaven!

When I first came across the recipe I was a bit sceptical as there is one unusual ingredient in there - can you spot it?
 yep that is mayonnaise! your not seeing things!for anyone who loves brownies I would recommend this recipe they are moist rich and absolutely delish! here's the link I'm def going to make then again and would try low fat mayo to reduce the fat even more. Now I just have to resist them until after dinner this evening....

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