Saturday, 11 January 2014

Pendant Love

Happy New Year! off to a great start I've been busy creating.  Last weekend I got the resin out and got messy!

I started with some assorted blank bezels and rooted around my bead and card stash for an assortment of odds and ends of backing paper, metal charms, and gems and even some old coins. I also found two tiny glass bottles so I filled them with Glitter and resin to turn into pendants. Here is the initial pendant designs

Next I found my battered old vintage copy of Sense and Sensibility that I rescued from being thrown away - it has a dual purpose as you can see I use the cover as a stable base to put my pendants on whilst they set and I also use the pages for projects, in this one I found and tore out words that fit well with my designs. Here they are filled with resin and drying.

Once dried I started to use them to make some necklaces, here's the the first few finished and listed for sale

This one sold straight away

and I'll be listing these for sale over then nextday or two

more to come over the next week as I make up the rest of the pendants into finished necklaces and I'll be listing them in my folksy shop.