Monday, 3 February 2014

Trying out artists gouache

A few weeks ago I treated myself to some artists gouache which are like really thick watercolours, I also bought some canvas paper and some palette knives, all completely new to me. I had an idea the works would look a little like oils but without the wait for curing. Here's the base colour which was just watered down gouache 

After I applied the base coat I used the palette knife to add some interesting marks and texture to the background

Then I used the palette knife to outline the sunflowers

Added more texture and layers

Then finished off with some more interesting marks using the very edge of the palette knife, mounted in a triple frame and finished


  1. It's very pretty Max. I wouldn't have thought of using gouache with a palette knife. Did you have to hard back it to stop it from cracking?

    It looks fabulous in the triple frame, well done!

  2. Hi Stephie, thank you, yes it has been hard backed, more of a sandwich now with the mount too :)

  3. It's worked out well. Thanks for sharing the stages. I like gouache for a change it's so well behaved and velevty compared to watercolour.