Monday, 28 July 2014

50 Things to do before I reach 50

It's almost my 49th Birthday, wow where has the time gone, I still feel like I'm in my 30's! so I got to thinking, where do I want to be this time next year?.  I always considered myself to be a 'live for the moment' kind of girl, enjoying my life and living with no regrets, if I didn't like something I changed it and if I couldn't change it then I accepted it and moved on. Life is too short and precious for bitterness or resentment.

If I wanted to do something I just got on and did it, but during my 40's my attitude seems to have shifted to 'ah manyana' tomorrow is soon enough for me. Maybe it's because I'm getting older, more tired or a just a bit jaded, but whatever it is, it's been holding me back, making me unsure about things and denting my confidence so I've been dithering rather than just getting on with it.  I feel like I need to kick start myself back into being the confident person I was, getting out there and enjoying life, trying new things and just being me!

Okay so how am I going to kick start myself, chatting away to my daughter on a lovely long walk yesterday I pondered what I needed to do to change things, knowing it had to be something different, and before I could think too much about it, or find an excuse not to do it, I said to her "right I'm going to think of 50 things to do before I get to 50". Her response was "go for it Mam"! - okay now it's too late to take that back! so now I've just got to get on with it.

Last night I sat down, pondered, dithered, and blunted my pencil creating a list of 50 things I wanted to do in the next 12 months so I when I reach the big 50 I've got there, living for the moment, with no what if''s, no but's and definitely no regrets.

My list is a mixture of long and short term goals, some need planning and some are just get on and do it! some are just everyday things, some are exciting and some just plain scary, but this time next year I will be doing both number 1 and number 50 on my list at the same time, celebrating my 50th Birthday in Cornwall having completed all the other's in between. 

You'll notice that number 4 on my list is to keep a blog of how I'm doing over the next year, soI'll be posting updates on how I get on regularly.

My list:-

1. Visit Cornwall
2. Paint something big at least A3
3. Lose 25lbs
4. Keep up my blog with progress on my list
5. Reach 700 followers on Twitter
6. Reach 500 likers on Facebook
7. Reach 300 sales on Folksy
8. Try a new art style
9. Have my hair cut short
10. Learn a new craft
11. Learn to use my camera properly
12. De-junk my wardrobe
13. Make our New York scrapbook
14. Make our Wedding Album
15. Make our Egypt scrapbook
16. Learn to ride a bike
17. Eat lobster
18. Go to an opera
19. Go to a ballet
20. Go to an art workshop
21. Get a manicure
22. Write a short story
23. Enter a competition
24. Sort out our photos
25. Walk up the Garth
26. Walk out to the barrage in Cardiff bay
27. Walk up Pen y Fan
28. Raise £200 for cancer research
29. Do something scary
30. Design our garden
31. Go to an outdoor event
32. Go for a nostalgia walk around my childhood village
33. Wear earrings every day for a week
34. Get new glasses
35. Walk 150 miles in a year - at least 3 miles a week excluding daily commute
36. Do something just for fun
37. Sing along in the car at the top of my voice whilst sat in a traffic jam
38. Take one positive out of every day for a week
39. Spend a day in my pj's watching Shirley Valentine, The King and I, Mama Mia & Singing in the Rain
40. Eat a new food
41. Try green tea
42. Paint Plein Air
43. Do all my Christmas shopping over 1 week in November
44. Write my Christmas cards and post them a week before the last posting date
45. File my tax return by end of September
46. Catch a train to somewhere random
47. Visit the Roman baths in Bath
48. Visit an art exhibition
49. Go to a firework display
50. Celebrate being 50 and completing this list :)