Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Month 2-3 of 50 things to do before 50

Well where has the past 8 weeks gone?? I seem to have been busy doing nothing much.  I have no idea where the time goes, it just flies by!.  Anyhow I just wanted to update my blog with how I have been getting on with my list.  When I first sat down I didn't actually think I had done very much over the past 8 weeks, so was actually very surprised to see I had crossed off another 9 things on my list! whoo.

First up was number 9 on my list the hair cut, both scary and liberating, I went in with a fairly boring shoulder length grown out bob and came home with a sassy flicky cut! takes a bit of practice to get the flicks just so, so I don't have time to style it for work most days but it helps me to scrub up well for a special occasion.

Now with a shorter style came the opportunity to wear earrings again.  I loved to wear earrings but became sensitive to even gold so stopped wearing them.

After a lot of research I found that titanium rarely caused any sensitivities so I bought a pair of earwires to test and was thriled that I could wear them without any ill effects. So armed with 10 sets of ear wires I made myself several new pairs alongside changing the wires on my favourite pairs and have worn earrings virtually every day since, crossing off number 33 on my list.

With the sassy new hairstyle and lots of new earrings, I had to sort out and de-junk my wardrobe.....16 carrier bags of clothes later... that's number 12 crossed off!

This month I also tried Green Tea no. 41, quite like the jasmine it smells delicious.

I started painting a large A2 size picture, no. 2 ticked off. I also tried a new craft no 10. - lino cutting and made some christmas cards.

The thing I am most pleased about this month though was having 6 of my paintings in an exhibition, my first ever and I sold a painting too whooo! no. 48 ticked off.

 SOLD ------->

 Also raised another £35 for Cancer Research total donated to date £115

Finally this month I reached a fabulous 300 sales in my Folksy Shop, number 7 done .... good times

Here's my latest entry in my Art Journal covering the last 8 weeks, still a little to do yet but the glue is still wet!

 Walking has been a bit hit and miss though only another 15 miles clocked up, 39 down 111 to go, and weight loss hmmm - well we won't talk about that......

that's all for now back in a few weeks

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