Friday, 7 August 2015

Folksy Friday - Making Memories

Hello! this is my first Folksy Friday blog for quite a while. It's been great getting back into blogging recently and I had forgotten all about Folksy Fridays blogs and how much I enjoyed spending time window shopping on Folksy and finding just the right item to include for my theme. 

Last evening I went out with friends celebrating a new engagement and the group gift was really thoughtful, we all took a favourite recipe with us and pasted it into a scrapbook with a little message to help her in what we hope will become over time a collection of recipes with a few memories along the way.  I have a folder I keep my favourite recipe's in and just keep adding to it, I really must make myself a proper book to put them in lol! So my theme today is all about collecting those precious recipe's. 

Click on link below item to see more details.

Starting with a box, for those who have a box for everything (yep I have a few of those too!).  This one is from Dottie Designs (I have a few of Dottie's boxes myself and have also given them as gifts)


If you have time how about commissioning a bespoke personalised memory book, I have made many of these boks for a wide range of occasions and in many sizes up to A4.

Maxine's Memory Books

Maybe a little box with a pack of index cards is the way to go, this one if from Witch Corner and I love the artwork

Witch Corner - Card Box

And if writing on cards, gluing or keeping boxes are not your thing how about a folder, you can add some polythene pockets and just pop in printed pages or magazine clippings and present it in a gorgeous A4 Ring Binder Cover from Whimsy Woo

Whimsey Woo A4 Ring Binder Cover

Either way, it's lovely to have a collection of favourite recipe's to inspire when you don't know what to cook, to flip through and remember happy times associated with a particular meal or to gift to future generations, who know's where your recipe collection will end up!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed my Folksy Friday Collection and have a lovely day.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Month 7 ~ 10 of 50 things to do before I reach 50

Well here we are at the end of July and I only have a few weeks left to go. Life has gone by very quickly this last few weeks and I have been ticking things off my list at a fair old rate!.

The garden was our main priority. We pulled down the old fence and had the very large trees cut back so I started with almost a blank canvas, 2 months later and is just about finished,  I did most of the work myself with help from OH, though not that we have been able to enjoy it very much with the poor weather mind!

here's the before and after shots

now all we need is some fine weather so we can enjoy it!

Next on my list was to create a scrapbook from our travels to Egypt, Morocco and New York, and sort out our photographs. Well the poor weather helped there not much else I could do on wet days so heres a pic of the scrapbook and our photos are all now in proper albums.

Also ticked off my list was a trip to a butterfly house, which was fabulous, a very scary trip underground at Big Pit mine museum and a spin around the London Eye.  On out trip to London we walked over 17 miles and I was able to tick walking 150 miles this year off my list.

I ate lobster at an outdoor carnival, so that was two more things off the list and walked across the Barrage in Cardiff.  I have been making a real effort to spend less time on the computer and be more active instead, which is helping with the weight loss. After a bit of a blip I'm back on track, and 13lb down (no where near my original 25lb target but it's going the right way) and I'm hoping to reach a stone before the big day.

I also entered a competition with a painting and was awarded 5th place, which was a lovely surpise and visited a proper art gallery The Tate. This is the painting I entered

All in all I ticked some 20 things off my list in the last few weeks, including some more unadventurous things like sorting out my craft stash which is now all tidy and improving my on line shop with new pictures and cutting back on coffee (I drink more tea now lol!). There is just a few weeks left before the big day and I have just 6 things left on my list, two of which are already organised so I think I'm going to make it! 

I'll leave you now with my art journal entry covering the past 3 months so it's bye bye for now and I'll see you on the other side of 50 with my final blog for the past 12 months journey.