Monday, 25 January 2016

Craft Diary 2 - January 2016

Hello and welcome to my second craft dairy for 2016.

This week I have been playing around with my cutouts and Scan n Cut Machine designing new work.

First I tried vinyl and it worked like a dream!. I transferred one of my images, a little girl splashing in a puddle which I cut from matt black vinyl, she now stands atop the light switch in my craft room.

 Plenty more ideas for this but I'll save that for another week as I have just ordered a stock of coloured vinyls to try.

 Also this week I have been playing with my alcohol ink's. I have space in an exhibition next week at our local Adult Learning Centre and wanted to do a few ink paintings for display, so whilst I had my inks out I prepared a video (first one ever!) to show you how I create my glittery ink paintings.  I'm not brave enough to speak on camera and the light was not so good so I had to use extra lights which gave a lot of shadows, but I hope it still gives you a good idea of how I create them.

For anyone wanting to have a try here's the materials list:-

Alcohol Inks (I have used Adriondak in Pool; Denim and Juniper)
Glitter (I used gold and turquoise)
Alcohol Ink Blending Solution (in a small spray bottle)
Metal leaf or gilding flakes I used Indigo Blu Mega Flakes
Ranger Glossy Accents clear glue (don't use silicon glue)
1 sheet of Acetate
White Tissue Paper
A large brush and sheet of card


1. squeeze glue in random pattern over acetate
2. sprinkle on glitter and metal leaf (as much as you want)
3. give a spritz of alcohol belnding solution all over
4. 'drop' ink in random pattern until acetate is covered
5. scrunch up tissue then lay over the top
6. use brush and card to pat down the tissue
7. Leave to dry (overnight)

The work is meant to be used with the acetate side facing so the ink and tissue is behind.  Use with care as it can be quite delicate. I usually leave the card on the back to help protect it and either mount in a frame or laminate. Tip if you are going to laminate be sure to use 'Heat Resistant' acetate.

I loved the colours in this and thought it would be perfect for some dolphins which I had drawn earlier.

I scanned my drawing into my scan n cut machine and then cut out from 300gsm card.


and here's the finished work.  I will trim and frame once it's properly dry.

I hope you enjoyed my second craft diary and video despite the poor lighting!

Thanks for stopping by and see you again in 2 weeks. Happy Crafting!

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Craft Diary - January 2016

Good morning and Happy New Year! well it's been ages since I managed to find time to blog as I have been busy becoming a Nana for the first time to a gorgeous little girl, as well as having a busy new day job. Thankfully things have started to calm down a little now both in work and at home and I feel I can get back to some serious crafting.

This year I'm planning to write a bi monthly Craft Diary, so welcome to the first instalment. Every 2 weeks I'll be writing a blog about an aspect of my craft world, this first one is going to be about my new toy! Santa (aka hubby) bought me a Brother Scan n Cut for Christmas. It's absolutely fab! The beauty of this machine it that I can design and cut my own shapes and what fun I have had over the past few weeks, so far I'm up to around 50 different images all hand drawn and then transferred to the machine to cut.

Okay so how does that work?, well first I draw my shape - I have drawn this owl on my i-pad

After drawing I printed and then scanned my image into the machine and saved 2 versions, one with all the internal cutting
and one solid shape with no internal cutting

Using the Scan n Cut Canvas (the on line software) I then resized and cut my solid owl from 300gsm card

Now what to do with it! and the other 50 images I created, well I was recently asked for some cut outs for a nursery and decided  I could take it one step further by designing my own backing paper. Again using my i-pad I created a base background and added some relevant words, these of course can all be personalised to suit, I printed this onto textured paper and viola! here's the finished prototype

I have been slowly working my way through all of the images I created to build a catalogue of what I have available so far, but the ideas are still coming thick and fast, I have another 5 or 6 ready to scan, now all I need is more hours in the day lol!.

Well thank you for stopping by and if you would like me to blog about a particular craft item in one of my Craft Diary entries or want to give me a challenge for something new (nothing copyright or rude please!), then please do leave a comment and I wish you every success in 2016.