Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Take an old Tin Can.....

Well hello, it's been a while! life has been a bit hectic here nothing really big just a lot of things going on. Let me see, since since the last time I blogged, I started my own Jewellery Making Workshop, spent a lot of time with my baby granddaughter, spent even more time in the garden, got made redundant and got a new job, which I really really love! so life is good right now and very welcome after the previous year with losing my Dad and being in a stessful job with an uncertain future.

So I have a few weeks break from the jewellery workshops and a bit more time to play, so yay some experimenting.... but what, well I have had a few ideas of things to try and one of them was could I do something with the used tin cans that get recycled and this is what I came up with...

Take a clean can, this one was from some tinned tomatoes, carefully remove the top and bottom (I used a tin opener to do this), be very careful of edges and wear work gloves, then cut along the side to open up. I opened out and flattened mine next to make it easier to work with (I actually walked over it wearing shoes!)

 next I used my Sizzix Machine and some deep cut dies to cut shapes

I sanded all the edges and then again using my Sizzix Machine I run them through in some embossing folders, this both strengthened and patterened them as well as flattening.

The edges of these are quite sharp still, so I went around all of the edges using some Pebeo Dimentional Paint, this also creates a barrier for the later paints (you could instead use some flat plyers to fold the edges and hammer them down).  Once dry I then used some Pebeo Pouring Paints, I used Pebeo Prisme for mine.  Once dry I flipped over and did the other side in the same way so that both sides were coated.

Once dry I turned mine into some hanging decorations, but you could use them to make decorations for a christmas tree, garden ornaments, mobiles or sun catchers, just be careful to make sure the edges are coated or folded so that they are not sharp ....

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you found this experiment interesting, off now to plan the makes for my next workshops which start in September so plenty of time yet to play!