Friday, 6 January 2017

My New Obsession, Copper, Silver & a Hammer

Happy New Year, may 2017 bring you health, happiness and contentment.  It is my New Years Resolution for 2017 to blog at least once a month, so here we go with the first one.

Santa aka my hubby gave me tools for Christmas, what a gem he is. I have been dying to try them out and finally got a full day at my workbench this week to see if I could create some of the things I have been sketching as ideas for 2017.

My current love is for anything made with metal and gemstones, so have been working with sheet copper and silver and lots of lovely and unusual gemstones, it feels great to be making something from scratch and every piece feels like a little work of art.

Here's a step by step look at one of my new pieces

Step 1 - cut out basic shapes for the design, Copper, Sterling Silver and those fab beads are Kyanite

Step 2 - drill some holes, I have an archemedes drill as I prefer to do this by hand

Step 3 - add some texture, I used a ball hammer on some, and embossing plates on others for a bit of variety, also slightly domed using a doming block to add interest
Step 4 - add some patina, these all took a bath in some liver of sulfer, then I polished them
Step 5 - Assembly.  I used Sterling Silver wire and jump rings and copper chain to finish, click the pic if you want to see more details.

Here's another I made shown alongside the sketch, click on the pic if you want to see more details

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you found it interesting to see the my making process, I will be back next month with another show and tell.